Gowns for Grads Program

Graduation should be a time of excitement and possibility, not a time to feel burdened by another expense: a $60 cap and gown for graduation.

To offer some financial relief, Mason has created the Gowns for Grads Program to make regalia available for our students who are unable to purchase regalia on their own. If you are a first-generation student, low income, Pell Grant recipient, Stay Mason recipient, or cannot afford regalia right now due to financial difficulties, then this program is for you!

Caps and gowns that are provided by the program to students must be returned to the program after the spring ceremonies. Gowns are borrowed on a first come, first served basis. The program has a limited inventory, so make sure you apply early.

While the program try to provide students with the full regalia set, items will be provided as they are available (i.e. we have a limited number of hoods, cords, and tassels).