Faculty & Staff Resources

National Center for First-Generation Student Success

In Fall 2017, NASPA and the Suder Foundation partnered and created the NASPA Center for First-generation Student Success. Their website is a portal to current events, conferences, and trainings (for members and non-members), as well as contains a searchable database to find resources relating to research and policy.

Helpful Readings Useful in Supporting First-Generation Students
    • Navigating Campus Together: First-generation faculty can steer first-generation college students toward success (Scholes Young 2016)
    • Teaching First-Generation College Students (Galina)
NASPA Affiliated Trainings
1st Generation Faculty Affinity Group
    • Faculty Affinity Groups
    • Dates for the 1st Gen Faculty Affinity group meetings are on Feb 7, March 8 and April 7, all at noon. The April meeting will be face to face and all the others will be online.
    • Click here for the Zoom link to register. Go to the 1st Gen tab. Once you register you will get the Zoom link and you can add it to your calendar.
Syllabus Statement

The First-Gen+ Center supports students who are historically underrepresented in higher education and their allies while specifically centering college students who identify as first-generation, who identify as undocumented, have refugee status, and those who have families with limited income ($30,000 per year or less). If you are a student within the mentioned communities, please reach out to us for programs, resources, and connection. Please visit http://firstgen.gmu.edu for more information. You may also email us at firstgen@gmu.edu. Our office is located in Student Union Building I (SUBI), Suite 2400.