What We Do

The First-Gen+ Center serves as an accessible starting point for students (and their families) to understand and connect with relevant university resources. The team prioritizes data to better understand the student experience and proactively works toward improving the campus to be “first-gen ready” and “undocufriendly” throughout each university area. We work to enhance the collegiate experience through services, programs, policy awareness, and educating the campus community.

Staff on the team collaborate across campus and beyond, in order to streamline resources and supports for students, including participating at local and national levels to share practical and scholarly content as a catalyst for institutions to broaden their work.


The First-Gen+ Center supports students who are historically underrepresented in higher education and their allies while specifically centering college students who identify as first-generation, who identify as undocumented, have refugee status, and those who have families with limited income. 


Excellence in the establishment of equitable, accessible, and sustainable practices that support the first-generation community. 

Unit Overview

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