Latest Past Events

Coffee and Conversation: Supporting First-Generation College Students on Campus and Beyond


The George Mason University Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning and First-Gen+ Center will host a dynamic and thoughtful online discussion featuring Dr. Blake Silver (Assistant Professor of Sociology, George Mason University) and Dr. Lisa Nunn (Director of the Center for Educational Excellence and Professor of Sociology, University of San Diego). Both Dr. Silver and Dr. Nunn will share findings from their recently published books (The Cost of Inclusion: How […]

Understanding Financial Aid Options and the Impact of COVID-19

Join SSAC and the Financial Well-Being Team who will discuss how to apply for all financial aid options, including federal aid, private loans, scholarships, and grants. Information is provided about the difference in FAFSA years and what being selected for verification means. In addition, more information is given about how COVID-19 impacts interest on student […]

Immigration Monologues

In its 11th year, the Annual Immigration Monologues tackles the immigration dialogue with a night full of inspirational stories from our diverse immigrant community. Presented by Undocumason, F1rst Gen @ Mason, the Hispanic Student Association and the Filipino Cultural Association, this year’s theme is, “Liberation, Not Citizenship: the Power of an Intersectional Movement.” Register via […]