Undocumented Student Taskforce

Established in June 2020

The Undocumented Student Task Force is charged with identifying policies and processes within George Mason University that present additional challenges or barriers to access for students who identify as undocumented, who have Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The task force shall use its ability to update policy and procedure in order to facilitate ease and clarity for access to university resources and to promote safe, inclusive, and equitable learning opportunities for undocumented students; ultimately, benefiting the greater Mason community.

The convening and work within the Task Force is approved by Vice President for University Life, Rose Pascarell. 


  • In 2020, provided guidance on implementation of the in-state tuition bill at George Mason University. In addition, a subgroup, comprised of University Admissions, Office of the University Registrar, and the First-Gen+ Center worked to build a workshop to support students in understanding the new tuition equity policy for undocumented students. The Task Force.
  • In 2021, the First-Gen+ Center was created and its mission includes support for first-generation students who are from undocumented and refugees backgrounds.
  • In 2021, guidance on the implementation of the Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA) Application
  • In 2022, as a priority item within the student services and support area, a full-time Assistant Director was hired in the First-Gen+ Center to support Undocumented and Immigrant Students.
  • In Fall 2022, the Refugee Student Success Working Group was created to build collaborative support for students from displaced backgrounds and to assess which best practices in supporting refugee students are in place at George Mason University.

For more information and to join: Rommel Aguilar, Assistant Director for Undocumented and Immigrant Student Support (raguila7@gmu.edu