Resources & Information to Support Your College Student

Are you trying to figure out how to help your student while they are in college, but don’t know where to start?  Then check out these resources when trying to determine how to best support your student during their journey in college.


How to Get to Know Faculty

  1. How to Talk to a Professor from a Professor’s Perspective

  2. From a student’s perspective

  3. Best ways to get to know faculty

  4. 13 Ways to Get Faculty to Love You


Getting Involved on Campus


How to Pick a Major


How to Balance Your Time in College

  1. Top 12 Time Management Tips

  2. Balancing Work, School, & Life

  3. A Student Perspective of College & a Part Time Job

  4. Balance Working Full Time & College


Research at Mason

Enjoy reading articles in class on research?  Interested in conducting your own research study or want to participate in other research?  Thinking about going to graduate school? Check out Undergraduate Student Research. Consider becoming an OSCAR Scholar


Campus Resources/ Important Offices

  1. Important Link for Students (My Mason, Mason Live, Patriot Web)

  2. Student Support Resources on Campus

  3. Housing & Residence Life

  4. Financial Aid

  5. Counseling and Psychological Services

  6. Learning Services

  7. Disability Services

  8. Career Services

  9. Student Health Services

  10. Mason Recreation

  11. Student Centers

  12. University Libraries

  13. Student Support and Advocacy Center

  14. Registrar

  15. Orientation

  16. IT Services

  17. Mason Families

  18. Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education



  1. How to Register for Class

  2. Secrets to Getting Good Grades in College

  3. Secrets of College Success

  4. Improving Your Academic Performance, video resources to enhance your academic skills

  5. Academic Success Workshops

  6. Classroom Etiquette

  7. Do’s and Don’ts in Online Classes

  8. Test Taking

    1. Preparing for Finals Week

  9. Procrastination

    1. How to Beat Procrastination

    2. Presentation Overcoming Procrastination

    3. How to Help Students Overcome Procrastination

  10. Tips for Stress

  11. Learning Services

    1. Tutoring

    2. Academic Coaching

  12. Office of Disability Support Service

    1. Registering for Services & Understanding the Process

    2. Accommodation and Services


Commuter Students

  1. Living at Home in College

  2. Tips for Living at Home While Going to College

    1. Eating on Campus

    2. Where to Shop at Mason

    3. First Generation Student Experience

      1. Presentation on First Generation Student Experience