Helping Your Student Build Important Relationships


Building Relationships with Faculty Members


Building Relationships with University Life

In addition to working with faculty members, students should also get to know other professionals in University Life, they will be able to assist them in areas outside of the classroom, such as concerns about the residence hall, student organizations, or how to apply for financial aid.  These various staff members represent University Life and are here to assist your student navigate throughout college.

If you are unsure of where to start review the University Life Offices to be sure that your question or need is addressed, if not contact or 703.993.2475 for someone to assist you.

Building Healthy Relationships on Campus


Potential Employers

While in college students need to develop relationships with faculty and staff to assist them in preparing for future employment, meeting potential employers, and possibly hiring students for part-time employment or research opportunities. Check out University Career Services for more information.

Student Employment Opportunities

Internships, On Campus Jobs, and Job Readiness Skills

Resume and Career Documents

Explore Majors & Careers