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We hope this page shares some helpful information with regard to the first-generation college student journey to and through college. As always, we welcome your feedback and appreciate all that you do!

A teacher approached me and asked if I was interested in being the learning assistant for her class. That was the very first time I was involved in the Mason community in general. And from that point I started branching out more.” (Mario, Class of 2019)


National Center for First-Generation Student Success

In Fall 2017, NASPA and the Suder Foundation partnered and created the NASPA Center for First-generation Student Success. Their website is a portal to current events, conferences, and trainings (for members and non-members), as well as contains a searchable database to find resources relating to research and policy.

Helpful Readings Useful in Supporting First-Generation Students

Recent publications on first-generation college students
  • Navigating Campus Together: First-generation faculty can steer first-generation college students toward success (Scholes Young 2016)

  • Teaching First-Generation College Students (Galina)

  • First-Generation Faculty Share Tips for Success (Rockwell, 2017)

  • Capitol Hill Celebrates First-Generation College Students (2017)

  • First-Generation College Students More Engaged Than Peers (Smith, 2018)

Directory of First-Generation GMU Faculty & Staff

Conferences, Trainings, and Events

  • On-Demand Training
    Becoming an Individual & Institutional Advocate for First-generation College Students (link)

  • On-Demand Training
    Putting First-gen First: Meet your Center for First-generation Student Success (link)

  • On-Demand Training
    Building the F-Gap: A Roadmap to Success for First-Generation Students (link)

  • On-demand Training
    Exploring The Ways Jargon Influences College Access & Success for First-generation College Students (link)

Students have lunch with Vice President of University Life, Rose Pascarell.

Undergraduate students display their research posters at the Spring Celebration of Student Scholarship.

Students and faculty in the Bioscience lab at Krasnow Institute.

A world of learning with wonderful faculty.